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Semicon SEA 2019
7 - 9 May 2019
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Industrial Heating & Cooling Solutions


Universal systems up to 400 °C

Heat transfer systems use either thermal oil, water or water/glycol as the heat transfer fluid depending on the outflow temperature. They are electrically heated and produce a controlled liquid flow. Heating and cooling systems from the line of heat transfer systems always consist of the electrical heating module and maximum one additional heat exchanger module (cooler). In this design or also in combination with a process cooling system, a heating and cooling system is produced with an extended working temperature range.


Cooling systems from -100 up to 150 °C

Process cooling systems are active cooling systems for the temperature control of different consumer circuits. They have a single-stage cooling circuit or two-stage cascade cooling systems and are water or air-cooled. In combination with an electrical auxiliary heater or a heat exchanger, the SUK model series offers a wide working temperature range. Depending on the application, the most varied heat transfer fluids can be used.


Systems for the use of primary energy from -150 up to 400 °C

Secondary circuit systems make use of thermal energy from existing steam, thermal oil, cooling water and cooling brine networks. The control facilitates the automatic extraction of the energy required for heating and cooling from the primary system (via heat exchanger or by the direct injection of the heat transfer fluid).