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Semicon SEA 2019
7 - 9 May 2019
We are at Booth 212!

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Laser Diodes


Delivering the World's Highest Power Monolithic DBR Laser Diodes

Photodigm's latest advances in DBR lasers, as reflected in the LIV curve above, place us firmly on a pathway to advanced applications in commerce, industry, and defense.  Concurrently with our laser development, we saw the need for advanced packaging.  Thermal management of the high power was among our first considerations.  Many customers are familiar with the workhorse from the past, the TO3.  Large and clunky but hefty enough to handle high heat loads, it was first designed by Motorola in the 1950's to be pin-compatible with vacuum tube sockets.  However, the TO3 laser package does not accommodate the needs of today's customers.  Because Photodigm is focused on the emerging commercial applications of its DBR lasers, we recognized that more than thermal management would be critical. Small volume, low thermal mass for rapid tuning, and high volume manufacturing-capable are all critical today. To meet these requirements, Photodigm relied on experience from the telecom industry to develop the Mercury package, so named because it is the size of a US Mercury dime.  It is shown below with a 2 inch flex cable.