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Vertical Interferometer System

  • precise vertical interferometer tower for optical ?workshops and quality inspection
  • fast and precise testing of series in manufacturing and QC
  • testing of power (radius) and Irregularity on lens series without re-setting between one and the next lens ("test plate like")
  • very cost efficient
  • unique vibration damping system for perfect usage in industrial production environment

Center Thickness Measuring System

  • precise and robust contact measuring system for measuring CT on ground, polished and coated optics? in production as well as in quality inspection
    cost efficient design
  • automatic centering of lenses by innovative precision 3 jaw chuck system
  • simultaneous automatically moving, pneumatic driven probes touching upper and lower side of workpiece for direct CT measurement
  • easy, fast and safe setup and loading of workpieces
  • many times proven, absolutely risk free measurement of even most sensitive polished and coated workpieces with highest cosmetic requirements and made of most sensitive materials

Transmission Spheres for 4" Interferometers

  • innovative optical design with significantly increased measuring range compared to traditional 4" TS
  • up to 60% more surface coverage due to strongly enlarged aperture
  • new f-number combination for significantly reduced a gaps in full aperture coverage of surfaces
  • advanced mechanical concept for long term clean components
  • Smart Case – user friendly and safe box- and handling system
  • ID-Connect – integrated identification system with software interface
  • XONOXapp – Transmission Sphere selection tool for the workshop
  • attractive pricing