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High precision metrology for Semiconductor, MEMS, optical and other related industries.

Specially designed for the semiconductor applications, the T-MAP is equipped with one or two IR sensors to measures wafer geometry parameters such as thickness, TTV, shape and flatness. Capable of handling 2 inches to 300 mm wafers, T-MAP provides highly accurate and repeatable measurements on mono and multilayer substrates for all kind of materials. The whole system and especially the human-machine interface software were designed to enable the easiest and fastest measurement for the user. The optional microscopy capability is the perfect solution to perform the metrology on defined patterns of product wafers.

Microscopy capability and pattern recognition for measurement on areas defined by customer
IR microscopy capability to detect post bonding defects for multi layer substrates
The perfect solution for wafer on temporary carrier thinning process control
Inspection and metrology for die stacking


The most cost effective and non destructive solution for MEMS micromachining process control.

MEMSCAN uses patented optical device which combines low coherence Infra Red interferometric technique and infra red vision. MEMSCAN provides membrane thickness and uniformity mapping (Silicon, Pyrex, glass,....), Airgap measurement and through silicon cap (Wafer level packaging) membrane thickness and shape. Visual defects can also be detected in hidden time while performing the measurement sequence. Inspection and metrology are performed in one shot with one tool. MEMSCAN substrate holders were specially designed to handle wafers processed on both sides.


Automatic and manual semiconductor process control

  • Automatic wafer load / unload
  • 6" and 8" wafers, 12" on request
  • Auto wafer alignment
  • Semi-automatic measurement sequence:
    • Start up to 25 wafer measurement in a single operation
    • Pattern dimensions (Bump width / length / height, photoresist aperture size)
    • Step height, and trasparent film thickness
    • Bump roughness

Optical profiler for accurate and repeatable 3D metrology

  • Sub-nanometer vertical resolution (down to 0.1 nm) at all magnifications
  • Non-contact measurements allowing accurate and repeatable results
  • Manual stitching / Manual turret
  • Easy to use
  • Sub-nanometric roughness measurements
  • Compact
The TMAP DUAL 3D 300 A is a unique metrology and inspection tool available to the semiconductor industry capable of addressing all customer measurement requirements for MEMS and 3D packaging. The TMAP is highly flexible, accurate, and repeatable. The heart of this tool is based on multi-sensor heads which include different technologies in the same integrated tool. As an example, double IR microscopy is coupled with reflection and transmission IR Illumination. The inspection technology allows the TMAP to detect cracks around the TSV, and inside the silicon layers. Our EFEM is able to handle standard or Semi- Standard products as well as wafer frame in 300mm. FOGALE has a continuing development effort that has tracked and satisfied customer requirements and stays in front of the next production needs.