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Semicon SEA 2019
7 - 9 May 2019
We are at Booth 212!

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True Color 3D Non-contact Optical Profiler with Multi Mode Optics Technology


True Color 3D Non-contact Optical Profiler Zeta-20


High Performance System for your Surface Metrology needs


Precision Surface Metrology Zeta-300


Fully automated inspection and metrology solution optimized for examining HBLED wafers such as patterned sapphire substrates (PSS)


Based on Zeta’s revolutionary multi-mode approach to measurements, the Zeta-388 packs the power of 5 separate metrology tools into one compact platform. An advanced software suite built on patented algorithms automates process critical measurements such as the height, pitch and diameter of PSS bumps. The same platform can be used for automated defect inspection to find missing PSS structures, bridging, tear out and contamination.


Innovative 3D Non-contact Optical Profiler designed primarily for measuring 300mm wafers


3D Non-contact Optical Profiler for 300mm Wafers Zeta-500


The latest technology in defect inspection for glass wafers, rough film on wafers, disk substrates/media. Designed for transparent, thin substrate, rough surfaces.


The ZetaScan series are fully automated 300mm capable defect inspection tools that can address a variety of substrates such as opaque and transparent wafers as well as touch panels, rough ground, polished or unpolished substrates. Based on Zeta’s revolutionary multi-mode approach to inspection, the ZetaScan series defect inspectors provide high defect sensitivity at high throughput.