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DI Water Systems

The CROB System specializes in water purification for chemistry analyzer.

This specially designed water purification system can produce NCCLS Type I reagent water for chemistry analyzer. Heal Force AFS System can support various online applications of reagent reconstitution, probe rinse and cuvette wash, and is a quality feed water system to provide chemistry analyzer with quality purified water.
Well-proved NW Series Water Purification System (WPS) can be directly connected to a water tap, providing you with optimum convenience. 

The NW Series WPS meets all eminent international water quality standards like: ASTM Type 1, NCCLS Type 1 and ISO 3696 Type 1.
The PW Series Water Purification System (WPS) produces ultrapure water from preheated water at flow rate of 1.0-1.5L/min, providing integrative solutions for scientific laboratory.
Direct supply from tap water, processed by reverse osmosis technology and deionization resins, the RO System can constantly produce deionized water (resistivity > 10 M?-cm) at 10-70L/h.
The ROP System combines new osmosis technology with deionization resins can instantly produce deionized water (resistivity > 10 M?-cm) directly from tap water, suitable for purified water output at 10-70L/h application.