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The new mass spectrometer with the added plus


Compact design.

With the PrismaPlus, Pfeiffer Vacuum offers a new mass spectrometer for qualitative and quantitative gas analysis and leak detection. Pfeiffer Vacuum has earned a proven track record of customer and application-specific experience in the field of mass spectrometry over the last 40 years. The combination of high sensitivity, stability and intelligent operation is the added plus in the PrismaPlus mass spectrometer. In routine operation, the user benefits from its robust, compact design and simple systems integration.

A wide variety of application options.

With the ability to select mass ranges, detectors, ion sources and interface options, this mass spectrometer can be employed in many areas, such as : industrial and analytical environments, in research & development, in leak detection and semiconductor production, as well as in coating technology. The PrismaPlus is the optimum solution for applications ranging from quality assurance and residual gas analysis through to complex, quantitative tasks.

Fast measurements and high sensitivity.

The PrismaPlus delivers precise results in three different mass ranges (1-100, 1-200 and 1-300 amu) down to a detection limit of 1x10-14 mbar. With available Faraday and electron multiplier detectors, even low level contamination in the vacuum system can be quickly identified. In addition to displaying selectable partial pressures, direct attachment of a pressure gauge enables the PrismaPlus to also accurately monitor total

Intelligent software.

The Quadera® software is not only easy to operate, it also offers an easy-to-read platform for capturing and visualizing all measured data as well as parameter records. Together with a wide selection of interfaces such as Ethernet, digital and analog inputs and outputs, integration into any system is easily achieved. A simple click of the mouse activates the preprogrammed functions.