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7700A Electromagnet Series

Lake Shore’s series of Hall effect measurement systems (HMS) combine a wide resistance range, high voltage capability, high magnetic field, and broad temperature range to provide the most capable electronic transport measurement systems available today. The HMS feature hardware with electromagnet and superconducting magnet based platforms that can measure samples with resistances ranging from 10 µ to 200 G, provide fields to 9 T, temperatures from 2 K to 800 K, accommodate samples up to 6 inches in diameter, or measure up to 4 consecutive samples without a hardware change. Software features include experiment profiles with multiple measurement steps and samples, complete details of every voltage measurement, predefined measurement sequences, offline data viewing, contact formation, and depletion layer corrections.
Standard sample resistance ranges from 0.04 m to 200 G
Fields to >2 T
Temperatures from 15 K to 800 K
Measure up to 6 in wafers
Quantitative Mobility Spectrum Analysis (QMSA®) software resolves individual carrier mobilities and densities in multi-carrier devices
Anomalous Hall Effect measurements for spintronics including dilute magnetic semiconductors and ferromagnetic metallic alloys
AC current option measures resistance down to 10 µ and increases resolution up to
10 ppm from 0.1? to 10 k?