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AP900: Automated Programming Systems

A Versatile, Automated Device Programming System

The AP900 Automated Programming System comes equipped with four sites of the 9800 Universal Programmer. The model 9800 programs memory, microcontrollers, and programmable logic allowing for many device types to be supported by a single automated system.

From constant liaison with semiconductor manufacturers and high-profile customers, System General leads the industry to provide timely support of advanced devices on the latest technologies.

16 gigabits of buffer RAM embedded in each 9800 Universal Programmer provide ample memory to program large code and/or data files to support the most demanding of applications. 112 analog pin drivers in each 9800 enable System General the flexibility to add many devices on a single socket board, thus saving its customers on hardware costs and the number of adapters that need to be inventoried.

Devices are shipped in a variety of carrier packing types and the AP900 is versatile to interface to them all. The default interface is tray-input to tray-output. Optional tape-n-reel and tube interfaces are available to support any combination of input and output.

Product Features

  • Compact dimension for bench-top operation
  • Handles four devices at each insertion/removal reducing gantry movement and improving overall efficiencies
  • Equipped with four units H9800, each with 16 gigabits of RAM
  • Universal support for memory, microcontrollers, and programmable logic
  • Expandable to 16 sockets via quad-site socket boards
  • 600 units per hour throughput (programming duration ?60 seconds)
  • Friendly "Auto-Teach" mechanism minimizes operator effort and time for job changeover
  • Gentle/reliable socket actuation via stepping motors slows socket wear-out
  • Precisor or CCD cameras accurately align devices for insertion
  • Tray input and output supported, optional tape-n-reel and tube interfaces

Advanced Hardware Designs Improve Operating Efficiency

The AP900 has an innovative gantry system with four nozzles, the first in its class. With the available quad-site socket boards installed the AP900 processes four devices at each programming cycle.

Other hardware innovations include the method of socket actuation and the type of pushers used. The socket pusher is a new plug-in type that doesn't require fastening screws. This reduces the time for pusher changes. The new socket actuation uses stepping motors to control the pushers. With stepping motors, the motion of socket actuation is slow and gentle which results in prolonged socket life and lower operation costs.

As with its predecessors, the AP900 uses System General's proprietary "Auto-Teach" mechanism to speed job changeover. To perform this function on the new 4-site gantry the system uses two downward-facing cameras to ensure Teach accuracy and an upward-facing camera to correct pick-up offset.

Alternatively, an option to use a mechanical precisor to further reduce the time for insertion alignment is available. The precisor centers all four devices instantly upon their drop-off. With quad-site socket boards and their corresponding precisor installed customers can expect the best throughput from their AP900.