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T9800: Manual Programmer

One of the fastest programming systems ever built

Product highlights:

  • 112 powerful universal pin drivers (extendable to 448 pin drivers for custom)
  • Built-in 8192-Mbit RAM buffer, expandable to 16,384 Mbits
  • USB 2.0 port for high-speed data transmission
  • Supports 1.2V Vcc Green devices
  • Multi-linkable for gang programming
  • Windows software with job control functions
  • Graphical real-time statistical display
  • Online automatic failure-cause analyses
  • Supports NAND-gate Flash gang programming
  • ISO 9001 certified
  • CE approved and ROHS compliant

Rapid File Downloads

A high-speed programmer requires equally high-speed file downloads to avoid bottlenecks. The 9800 can download files from a PC at 22 megabits per second thanks to its USB interface. A 64-Mbit file downloads is around 3 seconds. The versatile "Plug-n-Play" USB feature allows the user to easily swap different system configurations.

To optimize programming throughput, the Model 9800 emphasizes maximum flexibility. A single system with multiple sites can easily be split into two or more separate systems.