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T-Map Series

High precision metrology for Semiconductor, MEMS, optical and other related industries.

Specially designed for the semiconductor applications, the T-MAP is equipped with one or two IR sensors to measures wafer geometry parameters such as thickness, TTV, shape and flatness. Capable of handling 2 inches to 300 mm wafers, T-MAP provides highly accurate and repeatable measurements on mono and multilayer substrates for all kind of materials. The whole system and especially the human-machine interface software were designed to enable the easiest and fastest measurement for the user. The optional microscopy capability is the perfect solution to perform the metrology on defined patterns of product wafers.

Microscopy capability and pattern recognition for measurement on areas defined by customer
IR microscopy capability to detect post bonding defects for multi layer substrates
The perfect solution for wafer on temporary carrier thinning process control
Inspection and metrology for die stacking


  • Optical Metrology: single or dual sensor configuration


  • Substrate Thickness, TTV, bow and warpage
  • SOI wafer
  • Wafer on temporary carrier
  • Multi layer substrates
  • Microscopy and pattern recognition for measurement on product wafers

Benefits and Key features

  • Thickness, TTV of stacked wafers
  • Thickness, TTV of mono and SOI wafers: Si,III-V, InP, Sapphire, Glass, Pyrex, Polymers, CdTe, etc…
  • Bow and Warpage
  • Results: 2D and 3D mapping and profile, statistics
  • Export data: SECS GEM capability
  • Easy to use Human Machine interface
  • Source lifetime
  • Adjustable spot size
  • Refractive index calculation in DUAL configuration mode
  • Real time signal shape analysis
  • Signal quality factor calculation


  • T-Point
    Table top Thickness/TTV measurement solution
  • T-Map 300M
    Semi automatic tool for 2",3", 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 200mm and 300mm wafers
  • T-Map 200A
    Fully automated tool for 200 mm wafers
  • T-Map 300A
    Fully automated for 300mm wafers

Tool configuration

  • Single Sensor
  • Dual Sensor
  • Option: microscopy and pattern recognition

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