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Memscan 200

The most cost effective and non destructive solution for MEMS micromachining process control.

MEMSCAN uses patented optical device which combines low coherence Infra Red interferometric technique and infra red vision. MEMSCAN provides membrane thickness and uniformity mapping (Silicon, Pyrex, glass,....), Airgap measurement and through silicon cap (Wafer level packaging) membrane thickness and shape. Visual defects can also be detected in hidden time while performing the measurement sequence. Inspection and metrology are performed in one shot with one tool. MEMSCAN substrate holders were specially designed to handle wafers processed on both sides.


  • IR transmission microscopy for inspection and metrology spot positioning (Patented)
  • Low Coherence IR interferometry


  • Visual Inspection by IR microscopy
  • Membrane thickness and unifomity
  • Air gap thickness measurement
  • Metrology and inspection after wafer level packaging
  • Bow and warp measurement
  • Step height measurement

Benefits and Key features

  • Membrane thickness mapping for or all kind of materials transparent to near Infra red wavelength (Si, Glass, Pyrex, etc…)
  • Detection of membrane non planarity after wafer level packaging
  • Automatic IR image contrast adjustment without image noise
  • Visual defect inspection by image comparison
  • Inspection and metrology performed in one shot with one tool
  • Through Silicon cap membrane thickness and shape mapping
  • Automatic contrast adjustment without image noise


Memscan 200:

  • Manual wafer Loading
  • Wafer diameter: up to 200mm in diameter
  • Specific substrate holder available

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