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NPS300 - Nano imPrinting Stepper with Hot Embossing and UV-NIL capabilities

The Nano imPrinting Stepper NPS300 is a cutting-edge lithography solution that combines advantages of E-Beam-Resolution with high throughput and low cost of ownership.

The NPS 300 is a very flexible system available as a manually loaded machine or as a fully automated system. The automated stamp pick up, allows printing different pattern from different stamps on a wafer within a single cycle.
The NPS300 is optimized for the cost-effective replication of micro or nanometer scale structures.
High End Processes

Step & Stamp Imprinting for Hot Embossing or UV NIL is an innovative method that has been demonstrated at the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.

Hot Embossing: this method consists of transferring the stamp pattern into a thermoplastic embossing material by controlling heat and pressure.

UV NIL: the Step & Cure method is using in-situ imprinting material dispensing and UV curing.

This cutting-edge technology is a very promising solution for replacing standard UV-lithography systems when sub-100 nm resolution is required.

Features and Benefits

Step & Repeat nanoimprint lithography tool combining on the same platform Hot Embossing and UV-NIL on wafer up to 300 mm
The sub-20 nm printing resolution and 250 nm overlay accuracy address many applications: patterned media storage, optics, bio, etc...
Stamp size 50 / 65 mm extendable up to 100 mm
Automatic stamp pick-up for higher flexibility
Air bearing technology and granite structure ensure long-term stability and reliability