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Advanced Energy's Pinnacle Series DC Power Supplies store less than 1mJ per 1kW of output for the shortest arc recovery time in the industry. With a hard-arc detection time of 1 to 3 ?s, they are approximately ten times faster than competing units.
The versatile Apex® family of RF generators and power-delivery systems utilizes sophisticated RF-conversion technology to offer enhanced product and process reliability, in a modular design suitable for chamber mounting. The Apex platform delivers superb performance in plasma-based thin film processes for semiconductor, flat panel display, or data storage manufacturing.
An advanced, noncontact temperature measurement and control system, the Sekidenko OR2000 Optical Fiber Thermometer (OFT) offers a practical solution for thermal management and process control. It combines state-of-the-art electronic designs and software to provide superior accuracy and repeatability in a broad range of semiconductor manufacturing applications.
Advanced Energy® OR4000T and OR4000E multi-channel optical fiber thermometers (OFTs) provide industry-leading performance in non-contact temperature measurement for RTP, HDP-CVD, MOCVD, UV cure, and a variety of other semiconductor processes.