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Thermal Digital MFCs

Aera® Transformer digital MFCs will transform your semiconductor and industrial vacuum processes, providing optimal flexibility and efficiency for improved yield, higher productivity, and lower cost of ownership.

With unsurpassed reliability and outstanding response, accuracy, and repeatability, this versatile product line offers both single-gas and multi-gas, multi-range (MGMR) models. Transformer MGMR MFCs allow for multiple gas selection options without recalibration, enabling them to run any gas for any flow range—10 sccm to 30 slm. Only eight different MGMR models are needed to support most fab requirements, providing substantial cost savings.


  • Offers improved gas delivery performance
  • Enables superior flow accuracy, repeatability, and stability
  • Reduces spares inventory
  • Reduces cost of ownership


  • Multi-gas, multi-range selection
  • High accuracy
  • Digital communications