Why Pixel?

PixelCommerce is a complete solution for retail businesses to go online and win online

Secured e-payment

State-of-the-art End to end encryption ensure your customers’ data are protected when they buy through your online shop

Online Ordering

Enhance your retail business productivity by accepting online orders

Digital Marketing

Keep customers engaged with newsletters, blogs, customer reviews, and social integrations

Inventory Management

Keep track of your stocks, manage incoming stocks pipeline, and purchase orders from your suppliers – through our system.

Customer Loyalty

Reward your customers using points for product purchase, writing reviews, sign up, referrals, social promotion, etc

Data Visualization (Analytics)

Know your visitors’ profile and actions through our advanced analytical and statistics module

Mobile Commerce

Shopping at PixelCommerce is a smartphone-powered experience—you can do it from home or in the store.

Seamless Experience

Your customers will be able to access your online store through any channels on any smart device

Customer Relationship

View crucial customer indicators, log requirements, delegate tasks. Stay engaged with your existing customers.

Promotions Management

Launch exciting sales to entice your online customers through discounts, coupons and features

Global Marketplace

Expand your online presence through Facebook Shop, Amazon, and eBay. Yes, its a 1 click seamless integration

Social Integration

Tap on the power of social media to increase product exposure, awareness, and ultimately – sales!

Artificial Intelligence

Integrated with Google’s Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) through DialogFlow.