We provide industrial equipment and systems that are the backbones of your plants and processes. These workhorses are always working silently in the background, keeping your core businesses running smoothly. APP provides efficient local support across the region.

Liquid Ring, Vacuum Systems & Blowers (16)

Process Chillers | Baths | Coolers (9)

Industrial Heating & Cooling Systems (4)

High Purity Chemical Handling (6)

Industrial Fluid Handling & Dispensing (8)

Cryochillers (4)

Inline Process Refractometers (1)

Skid Mounted Process Systems (5)

Gas Abatement Systems (2)

Vacuum Pumps, Components & Instruments (21)

Helium Leak Detectors (1)

Heat Transfer Fluids (2)

Greases & Lubricants (6)