APP offers a comprehensive range of vacuum coating, grinding, surfacing, polishing, metrology tools and coating materials pre-dominantly for the ophthalmic, precision optics, optoelectronics and automotive markets. From pre-coating to post-coating processes, we work with renowned suppliers and partners to deliver both total solutions and quintessential after-sales services.

Precision Optics (Thin Film Coating Solutions) (5)

Ophthalmics (Thin Film Coating Solutions) (5)

Automotive/ 3D (Vacuum Metalizers) (5)

Coating Materials & Consumables (18)

Optics Measuring & Metrology Tools (5)

Optics Testing Systems (5)

Optics Machining (4)

Thin Film Deposition Components (6)

Vacuum Pumps, Components & Instruments (20)

Helium Leak Detectors (1)

Cryochillers (4)

Optical Thin-Film Software (1)

Thin-Film Thickness Measurement Systems (1)