APP provides a wide range of equipment and engineering solutions in the R&D sector especially in material science, semiconductor and related fields. We have strategically expanded our business into the advanced applications of vacuum, plasma and epitaxy technologies. We also offer a full range of services from knowledge sharing to customer support.

Materials Science (1)

Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE) Systems (1)

TEM / SEM Sample Preparation Systems (3)

Recirculating Chillers/ Baths/ Immersion Coolers (5)

Thin Film Deposition Systems (8)

UV-Ozone/ PECVD/ RIE/ ICP Systems (1)

Vacuum Pumps, Components & Instruments (20)

Helium Leak Detectors (1)

POU Chillers (6)

Mass Flow Controllers (MFCs) (3)

Surface Analysis Equipment (7)

Vacuum & Heat Transfer Fluids (2)

Cleaning Abrasives, Wipers & Sponges (9)

Greases & Lubricants (6)