APP Systems Services (APP) has devoted more than three decades providing vacuum and plasma-related solutions to ever evolving semiconductor and adjacent industries.

With below esteemed partners and quality products, APP strives to meet our customers’ demand with a comprehensive range of solutions with dedicated and committed services to ensure mutual success.

Cryopumps, Water Pumps & Compressors (8)

Cryochillers (4)

Power Generators | Matches | Electronic Repairs (3)

Trace Gas Analyzers (10)

POU Chillers (6)

Mass Flow Controllers (MFCs) (3)

Matching Networks & RF Power Generators (2)

Vacuum Pumps, Components & Instruments (21)

Helium Leak Detectors (1)

Cleaning Abrasives, Wipers & Sponges (9)

Vacuum & Heat Transfer Fluids (2)

Greases & Lubricants (6)

Ion Sources & DC Power Generators (4)

Thin Film Deposition Components (9)

Surface Analysis Equipment (1)

High Purity Chemical Handling (9)

Inline Process Refractometers (1)

Process Chillers (4)

Microscopy Systems (1)

UV-Ozone/ PECVD/ RIE/ ICP Systems (1)